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I officially have 14 days until I walk on stage.  I feel ready, in fact, so ready that I could be walking it right now. A bit ahead of schedule, my Bombshell Coach, IFBB Figure Pro Gennifer Strobo, has been making me eat and eat and eat.   When I can’t eat anymore, she wants me to eat just one more time.  I’ve never been this little and lean while eating this much in my life.  Like a machine, my body is incinerating everything at rapid speed.  I can literally feel my food working.  Feeding my muscles, stabilizing my insulin and keeping my energy levels up.  With my body fat coming in so low (8.3 %), we need to fill me out a bit.  I guess it’s a decent place to be in and I’m working hard to correct it this past week and in moving forward.  I’m seeing the results of a few dietary changes.  My weight is holding steady now and I was even able to gain a pound.  Might be the first time I’ve ever been excited over gaining weight.

To have the knowledge of how exercise, food and supplements come together to affect your body is an amazing science.  I’ve learned some new things about my body throughout all of this.  Some I have already known and should’ve been considerate of.  I was so amped to prep for this show that I began far too many weeks out.   I wouldn’t say I was going full throttle at 12 weeks, but I did begin hitting the weights around 10-12 weeks to get back into the gym and training how I needed to train for a show. In retrospect, I’m more of a 6 weeks out kinda girl.  I stay lean year round so there was no need to get this wrapped around the axle this soon.  I would likely have ended up right where I am now with a bit less mental stress.

Coming from a place of  functional training the entire past year with body weight exercises, Crossfit, sandbag and Ugi Ball workouts, I was already in great shape.  For a show, you need that extra edge though.  I wanted to get back in the gym and be sure I was properly training for this, but far too early for my personal needs.

I’m really feeling and doing great.  I’ve mentally turned a corner from last week’s, “tales from the dark side” bout.   I genuinely appreciate everyone that checks in with me and all the well wishes.  I’m a fighter and I’m gonna finish what I started.  This is just the beginning.