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Tiffany Lee GastonEvery goal realized starts with at a dream.  For me, I have visualized this specific goal for a very long time.  Last week I received the exciting news that I will be in the February 2013 issue of Oxygen Magazine.  Of all the fitness magazines out there, I have always supported Oxygen and its empowerment of strong, fit and healthy women in its pages.  To be featured among them is an absolute honor.

Finding time to dream can be the greatest challenge especially if you don’t make much time for yourself.  Being that I’ve never really been a morning person, I didn’t know what I was missing.  Those closest to me know not to utter a single word in my direction until I’ve had at least one cup of coffee.  Danger could otherwise be headed your direction.  I’m always up early, but these days, my mind body connection seems to have a few crossed wires.  I’ve noticed my body making its own decision to awaken at 4:00 am and sometimes earlier which really stinks.  Though not always happy about being up that early, I’ve discovered a certain peace present in my home before all my little lovelies rise.  As much as I do love my family, this silence is golden and cherished.

There is an inner peace that is resonating with me currently and the closer I get to competing, the more surreal it becomes.  There are always going to be little anxieties, but learning how to manage those anxieties is an education I give myself daily.  I can now focus in a way that only comes with practice, patience and gratitude.  To find ones true self is a life long journey and I feel I’m only just stumbling upon the doorway to discovery.  So many paths, crossroads and directions to choose.  The ultimate journey is your own choice.  Where will you go?  How will you get there?  I’ve learned the how doesn’t much matter.  Believe with every ounce of your being and the how will fall right into your path.

Live healthy,